National Giving FAQs


How do I apply for National Giving?

You must submit a letter of inquiry (LOI) online to be considered.

What are the deadlines to apply for National Giving?

There are no deadlines. LOIs are reviewed on an ongoing basis, as long as funding is available.


If the focus area of my program is outside of Walmart’s focus areas, will my application still be considered?

No. Organizations and proposed programs must fall within the stated focus areas:  Hunger Relief & Healthy Eating, Sustainability, Women's Economic Empowerment or Career Opportunity

My organization has a pending 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status or just recently received 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, and I am receiving a system error. Can I still request funding?

No. Only organizations that are currently listed in the Internal Revenue Service's current 50- State Master File are eligible. If you believe that a system error is preventing you from submitting an application, please contact the IRS at 1-877-829-5500 and request to be added to Publication 78, also known as the 50-State Master File.

If my organization has received funding through another Walmart or Walmart Foundation giving program, can I still apply for funding?

Yes. Organizations are eligible for consideration through multiple giving programs at the same time.

Can my organization receive funding from the National Giving Program twice in one year?

No. An organization can receive only one National Giving Program grant per fiscal year. The Walmart Foundation's fiscal year begins February 1 and ends January 31.

Award Conditions

Can an organization request a product donation or gift cards instead of a grant through the National Giving Program?

No. Only financial grants are available through this program. Requests for in-kind donations (products and gift cards) should be made at your local Walmart or Sam’s Club facility.

Is there another Walmart Foundation program that provides grants of less than $250,000?

Yes. The State Giving Program supports projects that are statewide or regional in scope. The Local Giving Program supports local initiatives in areas where Walmart stores, Sam’s Club locations or Logistics facilities operate.

If I receive a grant, am I required to submit a report detailing how the grant was used?

Yes. All grant recipients are required to submit an impact report detailing how the grant was used and what outcomes were achieved. The impact report template will be sent via e-mail to the organization contact after the grant has been awarded. Grantees are not eligible to reapply until the impact report has been received.